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1.Our Privacy Policy?

You can visit all sections except and contact forms as often as you wish, read the necessary explanations, and have more detailed information about our treatments. The name, surname, telephone, mobile phone, e-mail you have given to our website will not be shared with third parties.

2.To whom does this Privacy Policy apply?

The contact (phone and e-mail) information you have shared via the contact forms on the relevant sites and micro sites mentioned above can be used to deliver the information you have requested through Dr. Elad Azizli and / or his authorized solution partners. The information you provide on the website of Dr. Elad Azizli will be used to ensure that the relevant health institution reaches you in a shorter time and to inform you

3.What personal data do we process?

  • Name, email address
  • IP address
  • Your browsing behaviour on the website such as information on your first visit