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Nasal Tip Plasty

​​​What Is Nasal Tip Plasty?

The humankind has been looking for the answer of the oldest philosophical question “What is beauty?” and trying to reach that beauty. There is no universal and objective answer. This is because beauty is related to the perception and the value judgments of the ones looking at it. However, it is known that beauty is a combination of shapes and proportions, which gives someone a pleasure, evokes admiration, and includes balance and symmetry. That’s why many important people such as Euclid, Leonardo Da Vinci and Leonardo Fibonacci spent their lives to find the perfect proportion named as “Golden Ratio - Phi (Φ) Number”. 

When it is examined what the facial beauty is in line with the description above, “beautiful face” is obviously defined as a face composed of shape, proportion, and colors combining in a correct and coherent way. 

Nose is the most important structure that affects facial beauty in terms of shape and proportion. Especially, nasal tip is the focus point of face, and it considerably provides facial balance and facial symmetry. 

For instance, based on the structure of face and nose, having a wider nasal tip causes a perception of cruel and brutal personality, having a drooping nasal tip causes a perception of firm and hostile personality; having a very sharp and pointed nasal tip causes a perception of unreliable and untrustable personality. 

Nasal Tip Plasty is a minor plastic procedure that aims to have a better and more beautiful looking nose with a correct projection by fixing problems such as asymmetry, ptosis, wideness and deformation only at nasal tip without intervening in the bone structure and cartilage structure, in which the anatomical structure of the nasal dorsum is normal.

Nasal Tip Plasty preferred by the ones who want to change the shape of a bad-looking nasal tip being the most critical point, to beautify it with lifting, to proportion it with the face so as to have a more beautiful face, is the most preferred and applied procedure among general rhinoplasty procedures. For a major part of the surgeons, nasal tip plasty is the most challenging procedure among the rhinoplasty operations. This is because the result obtained affects not only nasal area, but also facial appearance as a whole. However, advancements and improvements provided in technology and procedure methods enable these operations to be applied faster, more painlessly, and with better results.

How is Nasal Tip Plasty Performed?

Before Nasal Tip Plasty procedure, the images of face and nose are taken.  Considering complaints and demands of the patient, an intervention is planned with the help of the simulations, and a possible image after the operation is evaluated. 

Generally, the surgery is performed by applying the method of Closed Rhinoplasty after the operation is decided. The type of anesthesia is determined according to the type of surgery; however, local and general anesthesia is mostly used. Although duration varies according to the planned intervention, surgery is completed in approximately 1-2 hours. Except for certain specific conditions, tampons and splits are not used. After the intervention, patient is discharged within the same day or the day after based on his/her condition.

Nasal Tip Plastic surgery is not a painful surgery. Post-op pains are minimized especially thanks to improvements and developments in surgical materials in recent years. However, pain threshold varies from person to person based on psychological and physiological condition of each patient. In case of pain, patients should rest semi-upright for a couple of days and make moves without leaning as much as possible in order to reduce the pain.

There is no limitation for eating or drinking after the operation day. 1-2 days after the operation, patients can take a shower without wetting the bandages on the nose. In one week, the bandages adhered on the nose are removed. Then, the control period by surgeon begins. 6 months after the operation, nasal tip takes its final form

Who Is Suitable for Nasal Tip Plasty?

Young adults and teens whose physiological development is not yet completed continue to grow and, appearance and function of the nose may change with growing face. Since rhinoplasty surgeries are performed mostly under general anesthesia, having this procedure at a very young age causes a huge stress for both children and their family. Except for the cases deemed necessary by surgeon or urgent cases, rhinoplasty surgeries are generally performed on girls older than 15-16 years and boys older than 17-18 years.

​​​​​​​What Can Be Achieved With Nasal Tip Plasty?

By means of Nasal Tip Plastic surgery, it is possible to have a better and more beautiful looking nasal tip with a correct projection, to change ugly looking shape of nasal tip, to beautify it by lifting, to proportion with the face by fixing problems such as asymmetry, ptosis, wideness and deformation without intervening in bone structure and cartilage structure and without leaving any surgical scar except for nose. By means of this surgery, nasal tip can be widened, narrowed, enlarged, downsized, dropped and lifted; furthermore the angle and distance between nasal tip and upper lip can be changed, and nostril asymmetry can be removed.

​​​​​​​How Much Does Nasal Tip Plasty Cost?

Since each case and condition requires a separate diagnosis and treatment, it is not possible to give general information about cost of a nasal tip plasty. The price will change primarily depending on the level of nasal tip problem you have, whether you have had a nose surgery before, and whether an intervention in bone and cartilage structure is required. In addition, the Ministry of Health has reported that a written announcement of plastic intervention prices will lead to unfair competition and it is deemed to be undesirable to share the prices.

If you experience a nasal tip problem or you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, you can reach us with our contact information.