Lip Filling

Lip Filling

Lip Filling

​​​​​​What is Lip Filling?

It is known that American psychologist Abraham Maslow who claims humans are motived by their own needs rather than outer factors specified five basic needs, namely physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization needs which are related to each other hierarchially (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs). Actually Maslow also proposed two more needs, namely cognitive and aesthetic needs other than these needs. But later, these two needs were included by following scientists under the category of self-actualization need, which is hierarchically the highest. Self-actualization need is the need for a person’s will to develop the skill they have, and to prove themselves. Actually, it the answer to the questions "What do you want to achieve and get in your life? What makes you 'you'?"

Although the wishes and goals that motivate every person to fullfil their self-actualization need are different, will to become and look beautiful is a basic need that is present in every person in varying degrees. People who are born with a pretty face and body, and who have the environmental and economical opportunities to make this beauty seen are lucky in this aspect, and they start their lives one step ahead. However, today, there are many solutions for people who do not have an inborn beauty or who lost the beauty they had.

The key to looking beautiful is facial beauty. A beautiful face is a whole consisting of shapes, ratios and colors that come together correctly, meaningfully, harmoniously and balancedly. One of the most important factors that affect the shape and ratio of facial beauty is certainly the lips. They especially shape the focal point of the face together with jaw and nasal tip, and they contribute greatly to forming the facial balance and symmetry.

While some people are born with natural, well-shaped, full, beautiful lips that fit well onto their faces, some of them are born with thin and shapeless lips that are too small or too big in proportion to their faces. However, people with beautiful lips can face problems such as thinning and disfiguration of lips over time or due to some reasons. However, thanks to the plastic procedures developing in parallel to the advacing technology, achieving the desired full and aesthetic lip structure became fairly easy and safe. Especially with the Lip Filling procedure performed to raise the volume of thin lips and making them fuller, emphasize the lip lines and achieve the aesthetic ratio between lips, the shapeless lip structure is no longer a problem. What is important now is deciding on what kind of lips one wishes to have.

 Although the concept of beauty is subjective and varies from person to person, there are some criteria which are commonly accepted upon for lips to be seen as beautiful.

When the face is seen from the front side, the lower lip should be twice as full as the upper lip,

(In women) When the face is seen from the sides, the upper lip should be 2 mm behind the lower lip,

Lips should be behind the nasal tip and gonion line,

Lips' total volume should be coherent and proportional to the entirety of the face, the surface area shouldn't be greater than the one third of the lower part of the face,

The lip contour should be a whole,

When smiling, the lips should be full enough to cover the gums and middle of the lip should be fuller,

The border lines of the space between the upper lip curve/line (Cupid's bow) and the philtrum located on the upper middle section of the upper lip should be distinct.

How is the Lip Filling Performed?

Lip filling is a painless intervention that should be performed by an experienced specialist in subdermal filling procedures. First, an procedure plan is made considering the complaints and demands of the patient.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, those who use anticoagulants and those with chronic skin problems must inform their doctor before the procedure.

Before the procedure, the area to be filled is marked, and local anesthesia is done using anesthesic gel and cream. After that, the filling material is injected into the planned area using small-pointed injectors.

In lip filling, a compound, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), that is naturally present in our bodies and also used in many cosmetic products, and its derivatives are used. This molecular compound that can hold water up to 1000 times its own weight, it also keeps the moisture our bodies need in balance. This material is usually preferred since it is naturally present in the body, moisturizes the skin, renews the cells, and the risk of causing allergy or other side effects is too low.

Another method used is injection by transferring rich fat (autologous fat), which is prepared by extracting from the person's own body and stem cell, to the area. Since the tissue used belongs to the patient, it is natural and does not cause allergic reaction, does not show incompatibility, and there is no risk of any disease transmission. Since the tissue transferred is live tissue, its filling effect is high. It has low cost and can be repeated. But since the fat transfer requires a separate intervention, it is usually not preferred.

In filling procedures, other than these two filling materials, artificially manufactured materials and collagen such Restylane, Calcium Hydroxyapatite, Biodegradable Polymer are also used. What is important is that the filling materials are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Lip filling procedure is completed at most within half an hour and the patient goes on with their normal life. Within approximately one week, the desired appearance is achieved. During this period, temporary rashes and swelling can occur at the injection area.

Nothing should be consumed for at least two hours after the procedure. For the first one week, taking too hot baths and going to places that are too hot should be avoided, and food rich in vitamin E should be avoided.

Lip filling is temporary and it lasts for 6 to 12 months. When desired, it can be repeated. The filling materials disappear by themselves when their effective lifetime inside the skin ends. Hence, they do not have permanent effects.

Making lips too thick suddenly can cause some problems in people with very thin lips. For these people, it is more appropriate to perform the procedure in several sessions, spanning duration of several months. 

If you are not satisfied with how your lips look and you want to have a more beautiful appearance through filling; you can reach us via our contact information, and get more information and receive treatment in our health center that priorities your special demands and needs.