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Gonion Prosthesis (Implant)

Gonion Prosthesis (Implant)

What is Gonion Prosthesis (Implant)?

Inanimate substances placed in or on living tissues in the body are called implants. The prosthesis, which replaces the deformed organs and structures that are incomplete formation or lost due to various reasons, and which imitates the organ in its place, is an implant at the same time since it is inserted into a living tissue. Prostheses are named after the area where they are used; these are dental prosthesis, jaw-face prosthesis, arm prosthesis, hair prosthesis, etc. They are made of different materials such as titanium, gold, vinyl, acrylic, porcelain, and rubber.

Jaw prostheses are used to change the aesthetic appearance, support weak structures and fill the gaps that occur from birth or in later process in the mouth-jaw area. These gaps may affect vital functions such as swallowing, eating, chewing and speaking and impair psychological structure of individuals in terms of appearance.

Being in harmony with the face, the nasal tip and gonion make the face look proportionate and beautiful and this forms the symmetry. The most common condition regarding jaw structure disorders that distort symmetry and appearance is the small and slanted jaw. It is called Microgenia when the lower gonion is small but there is no anomaly in the position of the teeth or the lower jaw. Considering that the appearance of jaw affects the appearance of the whole face, the negative effect of the microgenia on the profile becomes more obvious. The most suitable solution methods for the microgenia problem are gonion filling and gonion prosthesis. However, the gonion filling is a temporary procedure that should be repeated since no a permanent result can be obtained.

The surgical intervention performed as implant placement in the area at the tip of the jaw to give an aesthetic appearance by eliminating the disorder of symmetry and harmony that occurs due to microgenia is called Gonion Prosthesis. Gonion prosthesis is one of the most preferred surgeries (prophiloplasty) and jaw improvement interventions (genioplasty) to change the aesthetic appearance of face. Its results are permanent. The face harmony improves, symmetry contour is formed, the jaw appearance becomes stronger and the neck - jawline becomes clearer post intervention.

How is Gonion Prosthesis (Implant) Performed?

Gonion prosthesis is a painless intervention that can be applied to people who are above 17-18 years of age and have completed bone development and have no problems with dentition. Considering the patient’s complaints and demands, the intervention is planned and the possible appearance post operation is evaluated by using two-dimensional or three-dimensional simulations.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, those with high blood pressure, those who use blood thinners, those who have skin problems, and those who have a history of facial surgery should definitely inform the doctor prior to the procedure.

The prostheses/implants used are made of many different materials that are safe and flexible in different sizes and forms (plate, sphere and block). Mostly, silicone and medpor prostheses are used.

Silicone materials can easily be inserted to and removed from small incisions due to their slippery structure. However, they may get loose and sometimes cause bone thinning due to the slipperiness.

Medpor materials are biocompatible plastic derivatives with small pores. Due to their porous structure, it is harder to insert to and remove them from small incisions. However, it is less likely to come loose due to the rough structure. Also, since it is biocompatible, the tissue growth occurs faster inside and there is rarely risk of allergic reaction and infection.

The implant suitable for the gonion prosthesis is placed inside the lower lip and around the jawbone and fixed with the maxillary incision or incision between the lower lip and teeth. The intervention is performed under general or local anesthesia and takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. At first, a tape and jaw bandage can be used so that the implant does not slip.

​​​​​​​Are There Any Risks of Gonion Prosthesis (Implant)?

Displacement and slippage of the implant is possible soon after the gonion prosthesis is placed. Although it is rare, temporary or permanent loss of sensation in the jaw area has been reported. There is barely risk of anesthesia side effects, internal bleeding, infection, pain and swelling as in all medical interventions. Corrective operation can be performed in case of an adverse condition.

​​​​​​​How is the Healing Process of Gonion Prosthesis (Implant)?

The healing process in gonion prosthesis varies depending on the method applied and the history of another intervention. As long as there is no additional intervention, the patient who is kept under surveillance for one day post operation is discharged the next day and continues his/her daily life. For mild pain felt post intervention and in case of any risk of infection, painkillers and antibiotic, as deemed appropriate by the doctor, can be taken.

It is better to take a rest for the first week. Activities requiring extreme effort should be avoided for a few days post intervention. However, keeping the head upright and applying ice therapy (cold compress) will contribute to the swelling that may occur faster. If the incision is made in the mouth, it is recommended to consume liquid food that does not require chewing for 4-5 days.

The stitches are removed automatically within 1-2 weeks post operation with no scar. Since the tissue incised is mucous, recovery is faster than normal skin. Swellings may last up to 4 weeks. The desired result shows up within a month and becomes permanent after 3-4 months.

In case of unexpected complaints such as abnormal bleeding, swelling, and high fever, patients should consult a doctor immediately.

​​​​​​​How much does Gonion Prosthesis (Implant) Cost?

It is not possible to give general information about the prices of gonion prosthesis because every procedure has specific conditions. Based on the patient’s demand and need, the size of prosthesis and materials differ and this affects the price. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has reported that a written announcement of plastic intervention prices will lead to unfair competition and it is deemed to be undesirable to share the prices.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your jaw and want to strengthen it and have a more beautiful appearance through prosthesis, you can reach us via our contact information and get more information and receive treatment in our health center that priorities your special demands and needs.