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What is Gonion Filling?

Symmetry refers to the appearance of structural and formal similarity of two sections divided by an axis. The structural and formal similarity is determined by position, shape and size suitability between two objects or more in these sections.

However, facial beauty is the harmony of organs and structures in the head in terms of shape, proportion and color, having the right symmetry and consequently forming an aesthetic admiration.

The vertical line forms the symmetry axis of face which is accepted to be passing through forehead, intercilium, nasal dorsum bone and jaw midpoint. Facial expression and harmony of proportion is assessed on the basis of this axis. Thus, the key structures of face to be deemed beautiful are basically nose and jaw protruding on the symmetry axis. Being in harmony with the face, the nasal tip and gonion make the face look proportionate and beautiful. As in nose, jaw also impacts the whole appearance of face. As an example, even if the nose of people with slanted jaw is normal, it is perceived as big and affects the symmetry of the whole face.

There are some alternatives preferred by people who are not satisfied with their jaw or who want to strengthen it. One of the most preferred alternatives is gonion filling. The non-surgical plastic procedure by injecting the filler subcutaneously in the jaw area to make an aesthetic appearance in the jaw and improve the proportion of the face is called Gonion Filling. With this procedure, the jaw and jawline become more clear-cut with soft transitions. The effect of filler is temporary lasting 12 to 18 months. Preferably, this period can be extended up to 2-3 years by simply changing the material used. By all means, this period may vary depending on general condition of the skin, the repetition number of the procedure, age and the dose used.

Why is Gonion Filling Done?

The need for gonion filling mostly concentrates on cosmetic demands for having aesthetically more beautiful appearance with no structural problems. Gonion filling is preferred as the most effective procedure to meet cosmetic demands since there is no incision or surgical scar in the jaw, it is cheaper than the jaw implant which is a different surgical procedure in terms of cost, it does not need an additional treatment after general anesthesia and post procedure, it allows reaching the desired appearance within 2-3 days and returning to daily life quickly and most importantly, the effect of the procedure is temporary.

Gonion filling is a temporary method to try different jawline structures. At the end of the period, if patients want the same jaw, the procedure is repeated. Repetitions may become more expensive than gonion prosthesis procedures in the ongoing process. Thus, gonion filling is mostly preferred by people who want to change their jaw permanently for trial purposes prior to gonion prosthesis.

However, some people may have larger or smaller jaw than face, undefined jawline, slipped and asymmetrical jaw in regard to the symmetry axis, while some others have maxillary prolapse. Whereas some of these people do not have a problem with their appearance, some complain about their small or big jaw, their jawline and appearance of their jaw or the prolapse and wrinkled area in the lower part of their jaw.

The most common condition related to structural disorders of jaw is the small and slanted jaw. The tooth structure is examined first when evaluating the appearance of the lower jaw. There may be a problem in closing the jaw as the teeth are out of their position and having bad structure. Even if there is no problem in the tooth structure, the lower jaw may be slanted. Also, even when the lower jaw is not slanted, it may appear as if it was because the upper jaw is protruding. Another possibility is that both jaws are slanted. When the lower jaw is slanted it is called Retrogene. It is called Microgenia when the lower gonion is small but there is no anomaly in the position of the teeth or the lower jaw. The most suitable solution for this problem is gonion filling.

Although the facial structure differs across people, it often has a more triangular shape at younger age. Due to the prolapses on the face due to aging, the jawline disappears and the face has a square structure. This problem is solved through gonion filling and the jawline becomes apparent and can be turned into an oval shape. For people who want to have more masculine appearance, the jawline can be turned to a sharper and wider structure.

How is Gonion Filling Done?

Gonion filling is a painless intervention performed by an ear nose and throat specialist and experienced in subcutaneous filling procedures. Considering the patient’s complaints and demands, the intervention is planned and the possible appearance post operation is evaluated by using two-dimensional or three-dimensional simulations.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, those who use anticoagulants, those who have skin problems should certainly inform the doctor prior to the procedure.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is a compound found naturally in the structure of our body and used in cosmetic products and many filling plastic procedures besides its derivatives are generally used in gonion filling. This molecular compound, which can hold water nearly 1000 times its own weight, keeps the moisture balanced which is needed by the skin. This substance is preferred because it exists in natural structure of the body, moisturizes the skin, provides cellular regeneration and rarely causes allergies or any other side effects.

Another method used is the injection of autologous fat taken from the patient's own body and stem cells by transplantation to the area. As the tissue used belongs to the patient, it is natural and does not have any allergic effect, it is compatible, and there is no risk of disease transmission. Since the transferred tissue is a living tissue, the effectiveness of filling is high. It is cost-efficient and reproducible.

Materials obtained by artificial production such as Calcium Hydroxylapatite and Biodegradable Polymer, which are more permanent than these two filling materials are also used in filling procedures. It is important to pay attention to the fillers used to have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

Prior to the intervention, the area to be filled is marked and local anesthesia is performed using cream for anesthesia. Then the filler is injected into the targeted area.

The procedure is completed within half an hour maximum and the patient can continue his/her daily life. The desired appearance forms within 2-3 days. During this period, slight redness and swelling may occur temporarily in the injection area. Patients should avoid extremely hot environments and taking hot baths for the first week.

The fillers used disappear naturally when their effect on skin ends. Therefore, they do not leave a permanent effect.

​​​​​​​How Much Does Gonion Filling Cost?

It is not possible to give general information about the prices of gonion filling because every procedure may have specific conditions. Based on the patient’s demand and need, the amount of filling and filler to be made changes and this affects the price. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has reported that a written announcement of plastic intervention prices will lead to unfair competition and it is deemed to be undesirable to share the prices.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your jaw and want to strengthen it and have a more beautiful appearance through filling, you can reach us via our contact information and get more information and receive treatment in our health center that priorities your special demands and needs.